Option to Remove Number of Matching Logins Badge



I’m wavering. Instinctively I dislike it, but for rarely visited, non privacy-sensitive sites, it can be quite handy to be reminded I have a login.

But, on balance, I would like to be able to turn it off.


I just joined just because of this issue. In my opinion, there are three reasons for this to be optional

  1. It’s distracting / unappealing to look at. Some would like a clean look to their browser, the constant number badge doesn’t help. To be honest, even the color of the icon stands out against the other icons, but that’s another topic.

  2. Number badges and changes in icons are notifications. While the number badge does provide useful information in some usecases, it does not imply need for action. Number badges for unread messages imply need for action. This overlaps with being distracting. Especially if one is already logged in the information is not helpful.

  3. Most critical: The information conveyed through the number badge may be private. When someone peeks over ones shoulder they are able to tell that one has multiple accounts for e.g. facebook/reddit. Many users with multiple accounts don’t want others to know that they have multiple accounts. This is a privacy issue.


Like others, I was inspired to register just for this feature. For many reasons already touched upon, I really do hope we get the option to turn this off.