Allow to hide some logins

Sometimes I want to store passwords that were shared with me but I don’t use them on a daily basis, only as a backup when the owner of the account wants me to log in.
Since I also have a personal account (or more) on this service, the different views (contextual menu and extension popup) are cluttered with these accounts I don’t need to see.

It would be nice to have a checkbox that would allow me to show/hide this item from the proposed items on a specific website. I don’t know how to label it, maybe “disable”, or “hide from auto fill”. The default case would of course be to display the login in these views.

The items would still be accessible in the vault view or by search, or anywhere else. Just hidden from the propositions that are shown when I try to log into a website on a daily basis.

Related GitHub issue : Allow to hide some logins · Issue #217 · bitwarden/server · GitHub

This will actually be available in the next version. You can specify the URL match detection as “Never”.


I don’t think it solves the problem for OP. For example, I have my Gmail account, but I also have access to my mom’s account. I still use Gmail, so I want to show my login, but ‘hide’ my moms. URL match detection would hide both logins, right? I don’t know exactly what you got for us in new version, so I just based it on your description just now. :wink:

It would either a “don’t show” setting against particular login (so I’d set it against my mom’s, but not mine), or a separate bag of ‘stashed’ logins (all stashed logins are hidden). I kinda like the idea of stashed logins, I have many, many gmail accounts I used to test things at work. I will need them in the future… but not now and not every time I try to login to Gmail. :smiley:

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It does. The match detection rules are set per login in the next version. Not globally.

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Yes, the way the URL match detection is implemented would work for my request :wink:

I guess this may be closed as the feature is released @kspearrin :wink:

Yes, now available as match detection “Never”.

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