Option to change the default match detection for URIs

I imagine this is already in your plans, but I’d like to see users be able to change what the default match detection is for URIs.

For example, in my case I prefer the ‘Host’ option because I have many logins under several sub-domains. It would be nice if I could just change ‘Default match detection’ to ‘Host’ in the settings.

I think this landed, at least in Firefox extension, not so long ago. :slight_smile:

This is in addition to that update. :slight_smile:

Basically, every Login is set to ‘Default match detection’ by default.

I think Default match detection uses Base Domain. I am requesting we can change the Default match detection to any of the options below it.

Edit: In my case I want the Default match detection to be able to be set to host. I can then leave Default match detection option for all my current Logins and theyll use the Host option for detecting matches by default.


I figured that too, otherwise it makes little sense to have “Default match detection” as well as “Base domain” listed in the dropdown.

@kspearrin It would make sense to add the text “default” after the default item in the dropdown. Otherwise, the user may not be aware of which is the default.

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For me, the easiest would be if it Bitwarden first tried to match on host. If that has a match, only display that. If there is no march, try to match on base domain.


Our users are interested in this feature as well

Default matching should be host. It’s absurd to match on the base domain by default. Try managing AWS accounts and having it constantly want to put in your amazon website credentials.

Host is the most logical default match. It causes far less false positive matches.

It’s not. For most consumer and even intranet sites you have the same set of credentials for all subdomains. IMHO it should work best for the default user. Your use case is a pretty technical one and a power user like you and me can certainly switch that URL matching when adding an entry.

@aksdb true but when you started using Bitwarden by importing 500+ entries from KeePass, having to go through and change each one to host matching is a pain.

I seriously haven’t come across a single use case yet where matching on the base domain was helpful to access another site.

I can’t even think of an example where a regular user would get value from matching on the base domain only.

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@et657684 Although it’s starting to get a bit offtopic: but you could use the bitwarden cli to automate the change of the matching algorithm. That’s how I imported all my entries (I had some special needs as well … regarding custom fields and stuff).

To get some on-topic stuff here: an option to set the default matching strategie would indeed be nice to have. Kinda like a template for new items.

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There should be an option to select the matching method at import. Or at least a bulk edit for changing all selected items.
I face the same problem when migrating keepass to bitwarden, and have to change thousands of items by clicking each one. Thats really a pain.

Unbelievable that this still isn’t an option - please add it soon

I just went looking through all my settings to find where to change this - the fact that the match is set to “default” implies that I can change the behaviour on a global level.

Without this being a feature I am now looking at having to move providers to one that can cater for this - having to go through and change the settings of each of my saved passwords is going to take far too long.

This will be available next release in the browser extension. It can be changed under Settings > Options > Default URI Match Detection.