Better match detection settings

Usually, I think the way to go for match detection is base domain matching (where = I think the default match detection is this for new Bitwarden users, and that’s perfect.

But there are some specific domains where base domain matching doesn’t make sense, which is for example the case for This is one of many services that provides authentication services to other websites. For example, they have:

The match detection for those hosts should be host matching (where instead.

Hence my suggestion: would it be possible to, in addition to the default match detection, also be able to choose a default match detection for specific domains (like

That way, new hosts would be detected correctly, and users wouldn’t have to see a list of matching hosts that are actually completely irrelevant and might prevent autofill from autofilling the right item.

You could even keep a list of common domains that have this property of hosting login forms for several other websites, and update this list at each app update. That way, even non-technical users could enjoy the added ease of use.

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