How to change default URI match?


I’m new to BW. and I’m wondering, if the default setting for URI matches, can be changed?

My settings of all new logins are automatically “Standard match”. I want to change this to “basic domain” for all new logins.

Is this possible?

In the options tab of the browser add-on, the value is already set to “basic domain” but has no effect for new entries.


In the options tab of your browser extension you set the default match detection. And so if in your entries the detection setting is “Standard match” they will use the setting you set in options as default.

Or do I understand something wrong? :confused:

As I said, this is not working.
No effect on new entries.

Bug or feature ?

It’s not a bug. In your case “Standard match” in an entry means “basic domain” because this is what you set as your standard match detection. If you set your standard URI detection to “Server” in the extension so “Standard match” in an entry means “Server”. :wink: