[SOLVED] Any way to change the default match detection?

Hello, was curious if there’s any way to change the default match detection of base domain? Our use case for Bitwarden is going to involve a heavy number of subdomains, so it’s going to be time consuming to have to go back and edit each URI on each subdomain to set the match detection from default to hostname.


It’s currently not possible but there is a feature request about it :blush:

This will be available next release in the browser extension. It can be changed under Settings > Options > Default URI Match Detection.

And it’s awesome! Any plans to make it synchronize between clients? (It also seems to handle Android autofill a little strangely. :sweat_smile:)

I would like this too. “Host” seems to be a better fit for most of my password since I use many different website under the same domain and I would make some “Base Domain” manually. RIght now, I’m doing the opposite, since the default is “Base Domain”, I’m moving everything to “Host” manually! :slight_smile:

Hello @nka - welcome!

This feature has been implemented for a few years now. See here:

I’ll mark this thread as “SOLVED” to avoid any confusion in the future. Cheers!