Only ask for BW password after booting PC

I’m a recent newbie to BW and would like it to work as follows:

After each boot of my PC it should only ask for the BW Password once, i.e. before the first form fill-in.
It should not ask for a password every time I load a browser.
So it should not ask me for the password again until I reboot.

I have tried various options without success.
I would be most grateful if anyone can offer a solution.

Hey @BWman just to confirm you consistently close your browser throughout the day rather than keeping it open? Vault Timeout Options | Bitwarden Help Center

Correct. Always have done.

Thanks for confirmation, there are a couple things to keep in mind regarding browser extension timeout:

Due to the web vault and browser extension depending on your web browser, there are unique “timeout” scenarios to consider:

  1. If you refresh your browser (CMD/CTRL + R), your web vault will lock. Refreshing will not affect a browser extension.
  2. If you close your browser tab, you will be logged out of your web vault. Closing a single tab will not affect a browser extension.
  3. If you quit your browser, you will be logged out of both your web vault and browser extension.

If you are using a browser extension, you can bypass this by enabling the Unlock with PIN option and unchecking the Lock with master password on browser restart checkbox.

You can also use biometrics with the web browser/desktop application to reduce manual entry of master password.

Thanks very much @dwbit for the info.
I tried the Unlock with PIN option + unchecking the Lock with master password on browser restart.
If I set the Vault timeout option to anything other than Never it always asks for the pin on restarting the browser.
Setting the timeout to Never doesn’t ask for anything even after reboot so I don’t want to use that!
Unless I’ve missed something I don’t think I can get what I wanted.
Thanks for your time anyway.

BTW how do you use BW without using a browser extension, unless you mean logging on to the BW website and using at the vault entries from there?

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This is the normal behavior. It just makes it easier for you to log in.


Go to and install Bitwarden as an app for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android or iOS or - if you are on Windows - you can also install it as an Microsoft Store app. And finally, there is also the command line version for a variety of operating systems.

Thanks @Peter_H.
I have the extension installed.
The only reason I asked how do you use BW without using a browser extension is because it was mentioned in a previous post “If you are using a browser extension …”, I was just curious.

Anyway, I’ve decided to stay with BW and mainly use it on my laptop where I’ll close the browser less often.
Thanks again.

The Bitwarden App has the option to set vault timeout to on restart. I think this would work for you.

This is off topic, but OP, you say you’re consistently closing your browser. I’m just wondering why?

Thanks @Tn1s.
My timeout options seem to be different from yours.
Is yours not the free version, perhaps that’s the reason?

BTW is there a preview option on this forum.
I can’t see if the image I’ve added is showing correctly before I reply.

I’ve always closed the browser when I’ve finished with it.
I create/update websites so I test the sites using different browsers, currently Brave, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Cent, maybe that’s the reason.
In any case I like to have just the desktop showing when I go to my PC.
I know, it’s probably me just being weird!! :smile:

Well, I’m on the paid version now, but I was using the free version before that and can’t remember if it was any different. What I do know for sure is that the options are different between the app, the web vault (browser), and browser extensions (even between browsers, firefox, edge, etc. iirc). The options I showed in the pic are from the app on Windows 10/11.

As for a “preview” option when posting … I was wondering about that myself. Would be nice.

The options differ depending on the Bitwarden client you are using and the operating system.

Regarding preview, there is one that appears (after some time) when using a browser on desktop clients, but I don’t think there is room for it on mobile browsers.

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I’m just using the browser extension (version 2022.10.1) currently on Edge, Brave and Cent browsers on Desktop and Laptop only, on Windows 10, no mobile. All have the same options.

Yes, browser extensions on Windows all behave the same, I believe. If you look at the desktop app, however, I think you will find additional options.

@dh024, yes you’re right. I never installed the app.
I’ve now installed the app and the additional options are there.
I set it to “On restart” but the extension option seems to take precedence and it still logs me out when I close the browser.
I’m wondering if “On restart” means “On app restart” as opposed to “On PC restart/boot”?
Anyway, I’ll uninstall the app and continue to use BW as it is, I’m reasonably happy with it.

The settings for the browser extension and app are entirely independent of one another, so setting the timeout will have no effect on the other, unfortunately. :frowning:

Yes, I see that, a bit confusing methinks.
I’ve uninstalled the app now.
I prefer logging on to the website anyway.
I reckon I’ve just about tried everything now.
I’ll stay with BW.
Thanks all.

It means you’ll have to re-enter your password in the app upon system restart, but not until then. I think the behavior you’re looking for is usually a browser password/cookies/history setting. I mean, if you want your browser to act like it’s not in private window mode, you may as well set it to save passwords and history and clear browsing data on system restart if there is such a setting. Otherwise, using the app with it set to system restart like in the pic I posted is the closest you’re going to get.

When I close browsers I always have them set to clear everything except cookies.
I’ll continue to use just the browser extension, without the app, and live with having to enter the password (not pin, don’t like that) when starting the browser, if required.
It’s actually not that bad because most of the sites I visit are already logged in e.g. forums. It’s just the sites that I login then logout where I’ll use BW which is fair enough.

I came from Roboform and that is how it works. You are required to log on when the system is first started. Then there is an option to leave it logged on for the number of minutes you request. I set mine for 9999 minutes.

Like you, I would prefer the option of forcing a password at start-up, only.

My thoughts exactly @PL1.
I also have RoboForm and use it the way you mentioned. Since RF Free now only allows one device I have started using BW on my laptop.
I still use RF on my desktop and have been using it since 2005!