On premise add user failed with error "passwod has expired"

we have an on-premise installation of bitwarden
alll attempts to add a user result in an error in red:
Authentication unsuccessful password has expired
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 15.43.33

Hello @giladjud and welcome to the community,

Do you happen to know if you are using login with SSO where the authentication password could be “expired” on the IDP?

Otherwise I would suggest to contact support for further help with this concern.

Thanks Kent

we are not using SSO - it’s a 7th user we are licensed to have that we are unable to add

I sent a message to support

Glad to hear it, you should receive an automated email response letting you know that your request was received.

I can’t say I’ve seen this error before, so hopefully they can assist further.

Being that it is a self-hosted Organization that you are trying to add the user to, and you have the applicable user seat count, you may need to update the license from the Bitwarden cloud Organization with your self-hosted Organization.
You can either manually upload this, or enable the billing sync & cloud communication