Manually Re-Enable Organisation on Self-Hosted

Hi All,

I have a BitWarden self-hosted environment using docker. Unfortunately, the organizations license expired about 10 days ago and such has been disabled.

I have user accounts assigned to the organisation but seem to have misplaced the admin’s key. Is there a way to temporarily extend the old license or apply the new one without the portal?

I can see in bwdata there is a /core/licenses/organization folder that contains the expired license JSON. But I image this get’s applied within the database and referenced.

Any help or pointers would be great.


Are you saying you can’t log in as the Organization Owner?

Worst case if you are an admin, you can export the Org data, create a new Org and license that org. But, that’s extreme worst case.

Hey tgreer,

That’s what I thought. I have accounts that are administrator’s but with the license expired clicking on the Organisation just gives me the lovely red box saying its disabled.

My own fault for losing access to the Owner account but given this isn’t an attempt to by pass security and rather a licensing issue I was hoping the BitWarden support team would have a “SUPPORT” level ability to temporarily bypass the expired license and organisation disability.

If I could bypass that restriction I would be able to sync and export the vaults and simply re-create the Organisation.