Oled Dark Mode for iOS/Android

Hey Guys,

i‘d really appreciate an OLED Dark Mode for your iOS/Android apps (pitch black instead of grey)

Thanks in Advance

The bitwarden mobile app does have an OLED dark theme.
Go to Settings—> Options(scroll down)—>Theme and select Black

@vachan did you try it? It doesn’t switch day/night theme with the device, at least not in iOS. Thus I agree that a real OLED theme would be very much appreciated.

There is an OLED theme on android.
The theme changes from light to dark(not OLED black) when the system theme is changed

On iOS 14.4.2, my observations are that:

  • Theme=Black (as expected from name) will ignore system settings and provide an OLED dark theme.
  • Theme=Default:
    • uses Gray for Dark mode
    • doesn’t seem to change colors when I manually change System setting from Dark → Light, unless I restart the app.

Based on original feature request of adding OLED dark mode, I think that should be answered by existing Black theme.

The follow-up seems to be about adding a system theme shifting between Light + Black, which I don’t think exists.

Not too sure if the behavior I see where app colors don’t update without restart is normal. More iOS-specific apps like Safari and Dark Sky do support this.

Thanks all, more in the Github PR here.