New Desktop Only Theme

There is an amazing new theme added to the desktop version on Bitwarden. I absolutely love it and really hope it can come to Mobile very soon.

Hello Jordan,
All the themes in the desktop app are available on the mobile app as well.

  • Nord
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Amoled black
    are all the themes available in the mobile app.
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Actually, on the mobile app there is Dark, Light Nord and Black. There is no almond black and that is the one that I would really like to see on the mobile version. My app is also fully updated so it’s not that.

There is a theme called almond black? I dont see it on my desktop
I think you misread AMOLED as almond?

This was a mis typing however, after checking my desktop, I found that the theme I have is called “Solarized Dark.” It’s a deep green and gold.

But I don’t see the theme in the desktop application

It is possible they are experimenting with different themes to different users and seeing which ones stick. As far as I can tell, none of our installer are identical to each other.