✅ Dark theme for mobile

In response to the last post here: ✅ Dark theme option - #13 by kspearrin

I’d like to formally request a dark theme for mobile (particularly iOS).

Thank you!

Would love that on the android app too :slight_smile:


I’d also absolutely love to have a dark theme on the Android app, the one on desktop looks amazing.

It’s not out on Android yet? Wth, I thought that was rolled out a long time ago. Maybe I thought that the dark theme port were for all platforms, but I didn’t pay attention at the mobile version yet.

Here’s a confession: I might look like a coward, but the fact is still I’m using LP. :cry:
I know BW is getting along pretty fast, but there are some features (such as the vital keyboard shortcuts, such as I asked here) I miss so much in Bitwarden.

Ofc I’m sick of the laggy and glitchy platform of LP, but it’s my only resource right now. It’s like migrating from Windows to Linux, in a much lesser complexity silly comparison. Maybe the solution could be to use both of them, but it would be a real pain to keep it updated without annoyances, imho.

Depending on the development process speed of BW, it’s going to take me a few months or maybe a year to completely migrate to the new platform. Let’s say I’m “preparing the soil to plant my seeds” right here, hehe.

Would love this feature as well, the desktop themes are absolutely amazing and would be great to see them on mobile

Missing dark/black theme in mobile application.
How about adding compatibility to Substratum theme too?

Well, dark mode on Android Q is (or may be) coming out soon. It might take some time to roll out the updates, but they promise native dark theming on the entire OS, so we’ll have to wait a bit.

But for older systems, ofc I’d agree with that. :+1:t2:

It is important to have the dark theme. Important to be opted for pure black… instead of gray.

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I’m glad this post was already made since I too would very much appreciate a dark theme on Mobile. For weeks I kept checking the settings thinking I had missed something, almost like when someone keeps looking in the fridge while knowing nothing is there to eat.

Adding a theme seems trivial but maybe it’s harder than it seems. If there are any devs reading this thread, I would like to know out of curiosity if the lack of a dark theme is due to technical reasons or just a later item on the roadmap. In either case, thanks for making the best open source password manager around and thanks for allowing us to host our own server.

This would be very helpful!

Available next version (v2.0).


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