Automatic switch between Light and Dark Modes depending on the time

In the new IOS 13 is it possible to have the switch between Light and Dark Modes depending on the time. It will use the device display and brightness settings. So on the day I have a light mode theme and in the evening the dark mode theme.

Is that possible with Bitwarden?

Android has this functionality as well. I believe it is called Night Mode.

I think Android 10 will bring a system wide dark mode as well. It would be very nice if Bitwarden’s theme were to adapt to both of these modes.

I’d love to see this as well, especially since Catalina will support auto light/dark like iOS 13.

Both for iOS and MacOS this feature would be dope! MacOS on Mojave supports auto light / dark mode switching via 3rd party app, but I believe in Catalina this will come build in the OS.

For me this is working now. After the IOS automatically changed the dark mode theme into light mode theme, in the morning, I have to restart Bitwarden first. Then Bitwarden is also in the light mode like the rest of the supported applications on my Iphone. Only the option to open Bitwarden first, then close and then open Bitwarden to have this effect is not ideal. :slight_smile:

For me there seems to be no automatic change. The app stays with the selected theme when I switch to light/dark mode. It also stays the same when iOS changes automatically.

Switching works via the standard theme, but in dark mode it is not switched to the black but to the somewhat brighter dark theme. Is there any way to change this?

Bitwarden is the only app I have with dark mode support that doesn’t automatically switch the theme as appropriate without having to close and restart it. Having a half-decent phone, apps don’t restart in the background unless I don’t use them for quite some time, so it’s very common for me to open Bitwarden in the morning and for it to still be in dark mode from the previous evening. And with the Mac app and web browser extensions, Bitwarden is basically always running so there isn’t the opportunity for the theme to refresh at all unless I manually close the app/quit the browser I’m using, which is a real inconvenience.

Am I right in saying that the PR referenced by @vachan above includes support for what I’ve just described for the Android app? If so, when can we expect this functionality to be extended to the rest of the Bitwarden line up? @tgreer Your input would be really appreciated - cheers!

Edit: it seems the Chrome extension does switch between light and dark mode without the need for a restart. Why is it that Bitwarden supports this on some platforms but not others? …and is work being done to expand this?

@Thames - We’re working towards this change. Each platform is written with different APIs and capabilities, so it’s close, but not 100% equal across them all.

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Awesome, great to hear it’s in the works!