Not working with Edge sidebar

Is it just me or does BW totally fail to work with the Edge side-bar? I’ve only just started using the sidebar, but BW won’t fill in any passwords in this window, not with a keyboard shortcut, not with in-line autofill, nor even from the Edge extension. The sidebar is basically a BW-free zone.

And the only way to open BW in the sidebar (which I thought would be quite handy) is using the browser desktop/mobile versions, none of which fit, so that’s pretty lame too. Is there an Edge sidebar version on the way?

Your topic appears to be a duplicate of this topic:

Add support for Edge’s Sidebar API - Feature Requests / Password Manager - Bitwarden Community Forums

I’ve moved this thread to the Ask the Community section of the forum, since it is framed as a question, not a proposal for a new feature.

As noted by @bassilap above, there is an existing feature request thread where you can vote (and/or comment):