Nord WebUI?

Any chance of adding that sweet Nord theme that’s in the Chome extension to the Web UI (vault) too?

Good shout, I really like that colour scheme :+1:t2:

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+1 from me. It would be nice to be able to change the theme of the web ui no matter what color. :wink:

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I would be interested in seeing the Nord theme as an option in the community forums as well since there is already an option for light/dark. +1

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Any update regarding this? Even getting a simple dark mode would be a huge plus.

I’ve been working on one in my free time. It’s about 99.9% done, just need1 more little tweak that I’m fighting with, then I’ll release it to my GitHub.

Here’re a couple quick screenshots:


We have a PR for a dark theme underway here:

It has raised some thoughts on ways to make this smoother/easier to maintain consistent themes across the clients - so, hopefully more like this in the future!

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