Need Themes

is it possible to add more colour themes? just like other password managers around.
at present looks dull, not attractive


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at present looks dull, not attractive

There are currently 4 different color themes. You can change them in the Settings -> Options -> Theme

is it possible to add more colour themes?

As far as I know it isn’t currently possible to add your own theme.

Is this available on the website version? I se the option in the app and browser addon, but not the website.

Are there any plans to open up theming? Or at least let us request themes? I’m aware that there are 4 themes available presently but with Nord being an option, I can’t help but wish that my color scheme of choice was offered too (Tokyo Night).

The goal right now is to make the current themes match across all the clients, and in doing so, hopefully, streamline the addition of new themes.

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