Catppuccin Themes

I would love the addition of the 4 Catppuccin themes from Catppuccin · GitHub (I’m a mocha user myself) I was hoping I could just edit a CSS file or something when I saw Nord and Stylized in there, but it seems they need to be included by Bitwarden natively.

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Hi guys,

I am currently not aware of theme customization in Bitwarden. But I would really like this feature of selecting a custom theme. My initial argument would be that this allows for a better user experience. For example, there are programs in “dark mode” mode to improve readability. In this specific case, I think when you access your Bitwarden password manager at night. Or you have problems reading with a screen full of glare, it would be good to choose a theme to avoid straining your eyesight or to facilitate readability if you have difficulties seeing.

I would be happy as a Bitwarden user if there was a possibility to change themes to something you suggested here: “Catppuccin themes”.