✅ Dark Mode for Web Vault

Use the CSS ‘prefers-color-scheme’ to automatically load a dark mode version of the bitwarden website and web vault when a user has dark mode turned on in Windows 10/macOS.

This will bring feature parity to bitwarden as currently both the app and extension have dark mode.

I agree (and love) the dark modes. About the other platforms, luckily it’s already got in the latest updates. But about the web vault, well… I use a browser extension to get dark mode into all pages, and luckily it works nicely with the web vault.

I guess this is low-priority for the devs now. But in the future, we’ll probably see it along with another unexpected update. :grin:


Definitely would be fantastic to see (pun intended)!

I would love to see all themes - Nord, Dark and Light

Please :slight_smile: The dark mode is great on all applications, I would love to see the web vault getting a dark mode

I would love a Dark Mode for the web version of Bitwarden. My Bitwarden android mobile app is already nicely dark from the moment I opened it. A dark web version option would be yet another one-up on LastPass as well, which doesn’t have a dark mode for android or web.

Are there any developers here? If not then what’s a good place to reach them? Dark mode is very conspicuous in its absence on the web vault. Especially when we have such good implementations everywhere else.

Have we at least ever gotten an official response regarding this request?

We’re here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the continued feedback on this! Like many of the 1200+ requests here, we’re balancing them as best we can.


Thanks for the reply, it’s good to see active feedback from the devs, even if there’s no movement, so appreciate that!

In the meantime, this dark mode addon for major browsers seems very popular:


I found this theme UserCSS on USO Archive. Looks well IMHO. Screenshot came from maintainer.


Dark Reader does not applied well.


Yeah, that’s the one I currently use. Lifesaver. :grin:

Hello! I have just made a new Dark Mode for the web vault! You will need a UserCSS extention (Stylus is the one I use, also it is FOSS)

You can get it from my github repo or the Stylebase page (easier)

If you have any suggestions or encounter any bugs, message me or do a pull request if you can fix it! :slight_smile:

Here is a little preview of what you can expect

p.s for the oled display users: I also made an OLED version that you can get here.


If I may…
I found these not so easy to read, or still white.

I will try to do something on my side, but it’s better on your side so that the links to your themes point to the corrected version.

But your theme is really useful. Thank you.

This is what I added with my limited knowledge.
Not perfect but not so bad.

table.table.mb-2.ng-star-inserted, table.table-hover.table-list.ng-star-inserted {
color: #c8c8c8;
.table-hover tbody tr:hover {
color: #c8c8c8;
background-color: #1e1e1e;
.dropdown-menu.show {
background-color: #1e1e1e;
.dropdown-item {
color: #c8c8c8;

A Dark Theme really is something that should be added to every part of Bitwarden. I know that it’s in the web plugin, and that’s super appreciated. But it should be an available option everywhere.

I for one turn on Dark Themes every chance I get as it drastically reduces eye strain and increases legibility.

Frankly, the addons that do restyling for websites and such, are a hack. I know they mean well, but in my experience, they do like 80% of the job, then you find the areas they suck, and end up needing to disable it anyways because X or Y functionality doesn’t draw right. This is why Dark Theme needs to be added to the roadmap for all Bitwarden GUIs.

To put it another way, the rest of the software development industry is years ahead of this (Windows 10, macOS, Ubuntu, all have Dark Themes out of the box, not to add Slack, Discord, Teams, etc, etc, etc). So, I would like to make the point that it’s about time this get added to the roadmap as a “we should do this” feature. (from what I understand, it has not yet been added to the roadmap)


Thank you, I have added this to the theme, as well as other fixes too. Normally you should be able to update from the Stylus extension but if not just use the first link I posted

this has been merge to main/master branch, waiting to released this

This got reverted the next day (June 3rd): Revert "Theme Support with a Dark Mode (#974)" (#1011) · bitwarden/[email protected] · GitHub

Any idea why?

It also looks like there’s an open PR here: Dark Theme by dltmurphy · Pull Request #1017 · bitwarden/web · GitHub

We reverted really just to give @dltmurphy a hard time :laughing:

Kidding - there were some changes needed and some overall tweaks to our approach for theming in the web vault (and all clients, really).

@dltmurphy is working closely with us on this :metal:

[Edit] Wrong Danny! - sorry @djsmith85 and @dltmurphy