No icons for Android Apps?

I entered my login data in an Android App and Bitwarden asked me if the login data should be saved.
I selected “Yes” because I had no entry for this app.
In my vault there is no Icon for the entry, does Bitwarden not add the icon of the Android App automatically?

No, it uses the favicon of websites but there’s no equivalent for apps. I agree it would be nice to have icons for app entries.

Can I move the topic to the feature requests or do I have to create a new topic there?

To my knowledge, you have to create a new topic there.

Thank you @bit, I already created a new suggestion there:

You’re welcome. Seems like a good idea.

Having the app icon instead of the gray robot would be very appreciated!

anything new to this?

would it be possible to take a website icon instead of the Android-Robot if I add an extra URL?
e.g. if I store my login data in paypal-App it shows the Android-Robot … why not the Paypal logo if I add as extra URL?
Just as a first step before implementing App-Icons :slight_smile: