Show Android-App Icons

I entered my login data in an Android App and Bitwarden asked me if the login data should be saved.
I selected “Yes” because I had no entry for this app.
In my vault there is no Icon for the entry, so Bitwarden should add the icon of the Android App automatically.
The app has no website where I can use the icon from.

I’m out of votes, but I’ll +1 because having some sort of icon that correlates to the app seems like a good idea.

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Yeah I hope Bitwarden Android could shows the app icon (instead of the Android icon) if that particular app was installed.

That’d be a really cool feature. And if it could pull the app’s friendly name at the same time instead of the official app name which is com.XXXXXX.YYYYY

Just a side note, that is the app’s identifier, not “official app name”. :smile: