Mobile sync fail

I installed the app on my new phone and now when I try a manual sync I get a sync failed error every time. Only help I found told me to make sure my phone’s time was set correct, which it is.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Does it sync on other devices? If not or you don’t have a device to test - check to make sure you don’t have “null” in some non-nullable fields. Issue for reference:

Mine syncs on desktop app or web but not mobile devices,as I contacted tech support here is the following which didn’t help me at all…See below

Hi Don,

Thank you for supporting Bitwarden! I’d be happy to help.

If you observe that the vault is not in sync, you may want to go to Settings > Sync > SYNC VAULT NOW. If the vault still does not appear to sync, please log out and re-login. On the mobile application, you can also pull down the list on the “My Vault” tab to sync.

More information here:

There are a number of unique factors that can affect the synchronization, from network issues, other extensions, VPN’s, Ad-blockers, network configurations among many others. We recommend checking on Ad-Blocking, VPN, or other similar programs or extensions running on both devices that might be interfering with the app/extensions communications to the server. Try temporarily disabling them one by one, or revert any network configuration changes that could cause a connection issue and try again. Also, if these two devices are using the same wifi network, try using their mobile data connection if available.


Hi @daddyo and welcome,
If you could create an additional help request here yourself I wonder if we can get more detail and perhaps the community here can assist.

Are you using the Bitwarden cloud or possibly self-hosting?
Hopefully if given more detail mobile sync can be resolved.