Android App Sync Fails

I have a recurring synchronisation issue with Bitwarden App on Android on Samsung S22.

When manually syncing or otherwise, I get a Sync Failed error.

When looking at Settings - Manage - Sync, it states last synchronised 04/03/2023 19:07

Account is find on web browser on laptop.

Attempts to solve: Logged in and out of app many times. Rebooted phone. Installed all Android updates to latest. Checked time settings on phone to ensure auto-time timestamp is correct.

Android / Samsung OS versions:
One UI version: 5.1
Current version: S908BXXU3CWBE / S908BOXM3CWBF
Android version: 13
Knox version: 3.9
Security patch level: 1 March 2023
Last update installed: 14 March 2023 (i.e. so updates (time) not related to last successful sync)

I’m lost as to what to look for next to solve.

Hi @Helen_Gerling and welcome to the forum!

I assume this date is March 4th 2023 and not April 3rd 2023, correct?

What version of the Bitwarden App do you have on your a phone? The version should be 2023.2.0.

I suggest that you delete the Storage for the Bitwarden App and then run the App again. If that doesn’t work, I would uninstall and reinstall the Bitwarden App.

Yes - non US date format.

Version: 2023.2.0 (5944)

How would one delete the storage, without deleting the contents of one’s vaults?

Curiouser and curiouser, the app has synced my vaults for my personal account (20 March 2023) but not my work account (4 March 2023)

It is possible to delete the local data associated with an app without changing the data stored in the cloud. Since you have a Samsung device, you can find general instructions here:

Once you wipe the data on your phone, you will have to login to the Bitwarden App again so that it can sync the latest data. Be aware that if the problem is with the server (as described below) the data may not sync at all and the Bitwarden App will have no passwords!

Do you know if the Bitwarden business account is self-hosted by your employer? If so, the problem might be related to a configuration issue on the self-hosted server.

The company uses the web service, not a self hosted server. It’s fine for others.