with its browser extension disables auto-fill

I noticed that password auto-fill stops working after installing the official Mega browser extension (Microsoft Edge Addons). This extension works in a way that anytime I navigate to in my browser, I am getting redirected to extension://jemjkn*****chbgccbpkkgf/mega/secure.html (I hid some characters, since I’m not sure if it’s safe to share it publicly). Because of that, bitwarden no longer recognizes Mega website and does not suggest auto-fill. I tried adding the extension://jemjkn*****chbgccbpkkgf/mega/secure.html address to bitwarden for Mega, but it doesn’t work either.

Is there anyway to keep the Mega extension installed and use bitwarden?

Hey @mnj, is the redirect always a consistent URL? If so, and if adding as a secondary URI isn’t working, you can submit the browser auto-fill failure details using the form in this Github issue.

Thanks, I submitted.

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