Can we enable and disable autofill for specific sites?

Autofill for specific sites

This will be a part oft he bitwarden browser extension. So can we have an option to enable/disable autofill for specific sites.

You can indeed.

Check this article out:

Interesting, the option isn’t available

What version are you on?

v1.50.0. downloaded from the edge add ons store

It is a new feature in v1.51. If you can upgrade, it should become available to you.

Release notes for version 1.51.0:

  • Master password reprompt
  • Enable TOTP copy after autofill on page load
  • Add Autofill on page load option per item
  • Solarized Dark color scheme
  • Respect the data-bwignore attribute on fields to prevent autofill
  • Bug fixes
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Oh thanks for the info. So I checked in the edge add-ons store and there it seems to eb still at v1.50.0. Hope that is fixed soon!!!
In the meantime, i got 1.50.1 via the chrome web store.

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I wonder where the bottleneck of making 1.51 available in the Microsoft Store is versus the Chrome Web Store. Does BitWarden still need to release the new version to them, or does Microsoft just have to update their page? I’m running the Edge version of it currently, but may switch to the Chrome extension (in Edge) if it’s updated more timely.

Still in review.

:stopwatch: :cry:

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Thanks! Is there any benefit to using the Edge-specific extension versus the one from the Chrome store? Or are they essentially identical?

Functionally/mechanically I think they are the same, but I’d have to have @csharf confirm any issues with using it vs. the edge store version

Oh ok. Dang 7 days sounds like a lot lol. Hope it gets reviewed soon!!!

Microsoft has updated the extension to 1.51.0 in their store. To force Edge to update it if it hasn’t yet, open the Extensions view (edge://extensions), toggle the “Developer Mode” switch in the lower left corner to On, and click the “Update” button in the upper right corner.