Master password problem

I have been logged out of Bitwarden on my laptop. When I try to log back in, I get the message “An unexpected error has occurred.” Is that the message you would expect for an incorrect password? I am certain I am typing the correct password but must admit I don’t have a written record – I’ve seen references here to a backup – what exactly is a backup in this context?

I am, however, successfully logged into Bitwarden on my phone. Is there any way that this could help me to restore it to my laptop?

I have just successfully logged in to the Bitwarden vault online. So the problem seems to be related specifically to my laptop. I’ve tried Safari, Chrome and the Bitwarden App and get the same message.

You mentioned you were able to log into the Bitwarden web vault. Was that on the same Safari/Google Chrome as the affected laptop? If it isn’t, based on your description, it seems that the affected laptop is the cause of the issue. Do you have any firewall configured on that laptop?

It is on the same laptop. I have Bitwarden as a Safari extension; I can log into the web vault but get the error message when I try to use the extension and the bit warden app on the same laptop. Also got it when I switched to Chrome where I also have the extension. So I can access it on the web and on my phone, but that’s all. It’s a MacBook Pro so I’m using the firewall as it came configured. Sorry, I am very low-tech so hope my answers make sense?

Hi wondering if you found any solution. Im having the same issue.

I contacted Bitwarden help and they told me to un- and reinstall the app and extensions. It worked. Have no idea what went wrong in the first place. Good luck!

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just a thought: if the varying logins (and databases) aren’t sync’d up then it could lead to this error, and logging out and back in would sync up all the databases.