Cannot login in browser and Windows app

Since today I cannot log into Bitwarden in my browser (Firefox plugin) and the Windows application anymore. This happens is on two different computers and different networks.
Interestingly, it still works with the Android application. I can also still log in via the webpage.

When trying to login with the Windows app or the browser plugin then I get two error messages:
“Logged out, Your session has expired” and “An Error has occurred. An unexpected Error has occurred”.

This makes me think that the Bitwarden login service has an issue, but I’m surprised I see no other postings about this here yet.

You should contact bitwarden support here or drop them an email at [email protected] :slight_smile:

Things are back to normal, so it seems the server problems (?) have been resolved.

However, given that I was not able to access my password data at all in offline mode, I see this as a fundamental design flaw of Bitwarden. The recommendation in this forum in the past has been to simply not log out, but I hadn’t logged out and still couldn’t access my data (since the system apparently logged me out on its own).

Hence, I decided to move away from Bitwarden to a different password manager solution that implements proper offline usage.

Hi. I also receive an error message when attempting to log in using the FireFox browser. Very surprised, however, that when creating a new password for a site, there is an option to view my saved passwords. Choosing that takes me right to my vault! It is a cumbersome way to access the vault. No hint email is ever received! The log in is having problems? Would love a simple explanation for the failed emails, too.