I cannot login to my Bitwarden account

Yesterday I created a new account and wrote down its master password in my notebook. When I try to log into my account today, I keep getting the same error message. I get an error saying “An error has occurred.” I typed the password in my notebook and it is ridiculous that when I enter the password I cannot log in. It contains all my accounts. I really want to save my account. Although I try to login from all browsers, I cannot login.

Did you try using any other device? Why not use an On Screen Keyboard or digital keyboard for entering the password. There must be something wrong with your keyboard

Before resetting my computer, I saved all my accounts on Bitwarden and typed the master password in a notebook that I could physically access. I logged out of my safe and entered the password I wrote in my notebook so that there would be no problems while logging in in the provinces. There was no problem. After putting all my accounts in my vault, I reset my computer and my Wi-Fi router.

The reset proceeded with no errors, but when I tried to log in to my Bitwarden account (I am trying to login with the correct password and email) I received an incorrect login warning. I installed Bitwarden’s plug-in in my browser, but could not login. I got the same warning. I also tried to login from my Android device and got the same warning. I cannot login to my Google account because my password is in my vault and I cannot access it.

No technical support team offers solutions and they say that I cannot access my account. Why can’t I login to my account? Why don’t you want to access my account for security when I have important data inside? Please help me.

For the record. This forum is for user to user support. Not for support from the Bitwarden company.

If you are 110% sure that your email and password are correct than there is little we can help you with. The password cannot ever be retrieved by anyone BY DESIGN for security reasons.

The easiest way to try infinitely is through the web vault. You don’t need to install anything. Just go to a browser and open:


Before resetting my computer, I typed my password in a notepad, 100% sure, but I cannot log into my account.

Not trying to be rude. But you are also sure your email didn’t have a typo when creating the account?

And did you already try to copy/paste the password instead of manually typing it?

Was it a password, or a passphrase?

It is extremely unlikely, almost impossible, that anything has gone wrong with Bitwarden. It is far too well tested. It is almost certain that your copy of the password is different to the one you entered into Bitwarden. Something similar happened to me a long time ago and I never got the data back.

A few things to try are ambiguous characters like zero and capital o, others can be found online. You may get lucky. There may be a hidden character which got into it somehow, which would be very difficult to find.

I am sure I entered my e-mail account correctly. While I was logging in from my browser without error before, I cannot log in today.

I’ve tried many combinations of the password I’m trying to enter, but I’m having trouble.

Have you tried the web vault as I suggested or only the local applications or mobile app?

You mentioned that you reset your WiFi. Just to be sure, you need internet access to login initially.

I tried Bitwarden apps available on all platforms and encountered the same error. The same problem occurs with the web version.

I am using my Wi-Fi network while trying to log into my account. I did not see you have this kind of problem before resetting. @MetBril

Sorry, but I don’t have any other suggestions to help you. Perhaps someone else has. Good luck with fixing your issue.

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I guess it goes without saying that you did not backup your recovery “code” from the website? e.g. I have a recovery code that allows me to enter my BW vault from any computer in the world even if I forget my master password. It was offered as an option when you setup your account. Any chance at all that you forgot having this, and in fact have that code???

If the email was entered correctly you would have gotten a welcome email from Bitwarden. Check your email to make sure you got one.

Also, I’ve seen people enter a space at the start or end of their password. Try that to see if that has any affect. I’ve also seen people use the wrong language keyboard and that caused an issue.

If that doesn’t work you’ll need to email support.

Hello @anon48349958,
sad to hear that, and I understand that it is frustrating. Maybe there is a different way to help you out. For that I have some questions:

  1. Are you logged in to bitwarden.com or do you have a self-hosted service?
  2. What keyboard do you have and what language do you usually use?
  3. Was the password saved in any way on your PC before wiping it out, if yes where?

PS: If you find a solution, please tell us :slight_smile:

Hello @anon48349958,
maybe there is hope :), check this out:

If that is true, then I suspect it might have something to do with special characters and it could really be bitwardens problem

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@OpSec, Sorry, I couldn’t write my recovery code in my notebook. I wish I could write my recovery code but I didn’t think of it as I needed to reset my computer right away.

@dangostylver, I was able to access my Google email that I saved in my Bitwarden account. They confirmed that my Google account belongs to me. I can access my email right now. When I contacted support, they stated that they could only delete my account. Can I send a special code to my e-mail account?

Hello @Pulsar.

  1. I have not been able to log into my account on bitwarden.com since yesterday.
  2. I am using a Turkish Q keyboard.
  3. I typed the password in a notebook that I could physically enter.

When I looked at the issue you mentioned, I saw that I was in a similar problem. My password has too many special characters. I am using windows 10. Is there a method for this?

I asked because, sometimes there are multiple keyboards to choose from and therefore the keys might differ. To eliminate this, type your password in notepad or similar (not Word). Then copy and paste it on the password field on bitwarden.

If you saved your password in firefox or something, I could help you recover it even after formatting your Hard drive

I suspect the escape characters are not working properly. For that you can use escape character \ according to this wiki link:

Maybe the modified Password would work. Example:

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Thanks to the code sent to my phone today, I recovered my Google account. I kept my Bitwarden password in my Google account, but the password on my notebook was exactly the same. When I copied the password from my browser, I was able to log into my Bitwarden account. When I looked at the password, I found out that I only misspelled one letter in lowercase. The problem was caused by this. I am very happy right now. :partying_face:


I’m very happy :smiley: that you finally got access to your account.

To prevent hat, I have personally a local copy of my passwords also on KeePassXC (with another master password). That way If somehow the hole internet burns down (openAI takes over the internet) then I can still log in to my Gmail A… (oh, no internet?).