Login not possible after update

Hi Guys,

I updated my on premise install according to this article:

The update completed fine, but after the update I was no longer able to log in (Wrong Username/password)
I reverted to a snapshot before the update and I am able to login just fine again (Same username/password)

To make sure it was not just me being too stupid to enter my password correctly I updated again, but the problem is the same again. I reverted via snapshot again and login is working.
So the issue is definitely not a wrongly entered password!

Has anyone encountered this before? Does anyone know a solution or an idea what logs/settings I can check?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello @Dobby120,
after everything is up, please check on the terminal with docker container ls -a to check that containers are not stopped and also that they have no errors.

Second you can check logs with docker-compose logs -f under the docker-compose directory (cancel with crtl+c).

hope this helps :slight_smile:

PS: Can you tell us which versions of the api you are reffering to?

Hi Pulsar,

Thanks for your reply. The containers are all up and running (healthy)
When i check the logs of the identity container i see that my login fails with “wrong password/username”

But as i said before I’m 100% sure that the password is correct. Even right now I am using the installation before the upgrade and login is working fine.

I fear something goes wrong with the database during the upgrade and my users are lost or corrupted.
I’m still trying to access the DB directly to check what’s in there.

Could you specify what you mean with “API Version”?

Thanks for your help,
Best regards

Hello @Dobby120,

by API I actually mean the server side (https://github.com/bitwarden/server). You switched between two versions right? Those two would be helpful :slight_smile:.

Can you test upgrading to different version but not the web interface (just to eliminate a probable web interface bug)?

Have you checked if your resources are at their limit after upgrading (cpu, ram)? When the resources are on it’s limit I also have problem logging in.

You might be right, if so you would see it on the docker logs

docker exec -it bitwarden-db bash where bitwarden-db is the containger containing the database (mssql).
Then login to database.