Managing People in Family Organization

I have my wife setup as an Owner with read only checked in our collection. However, she can still delete and edit existing logins. She can also create new logins in the collection. It seems like the “read only” barrier is intermittent. I’ve uploaded an image so you can see the permissions for the user.

For example, just now it was working where she couldn’t modify anything. Then she created a new item to the collection and suddenly she can modify everything in the collection again…

If she tries to edit the collection from her personal vault it doesn’t let her. However, if she goes into the organization vault she can modify everything she wants. Therefore, whats the purpose of read only?

I dont understand

Admins/Owners have full rights to all Org data within the Web Vault context. The “assigned collections” and permissions apply to the Mobile, Desktop, and Browser clients.

An option to enforce those permissions would be to make her a Manager, and then for failsafe precautions, you could make her an Emergency Contact.