Sharing to users so they can organize in their folders, but not delete from org's collection

We have been testing and learning how Bitwarden works with a couple of free accounts with the intent to upgrade to Premium for 2 of us for home use, and if that goes well to introduce it into my organization. I’m at a loss with one issue:

I can’t seem to figure out how to share logins to a second person (user) in an organization’s collection that both protects the logins from being deleted, rewritten, etc. by a user and allows the user to organize it in their own personal folders. For example, if collection is “read-only” for the user, logins show up in the user “no folder” folder but can’t be moved from there to another folder by the user. Am I missing something?

Also, can you create more than 2 collections in a Premium account? I’m trying to determine if I can test some scenarios in a Premium account before moving to an org.

I just submitted a feature request for this here:

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