Collection permissions

Hi, I’m trying to set up Bitwarden Organization with ~60 users and have some questions about permissions. I’ve created a collection for every team and gave the permissions to the corresponding team members. Also, I’ve created a collection that everyone has read-only access to.
Often team members need to share a login not only inside a team but also with someone from another team, working on that particular project. If all the team members are regular users, the only option is to ask an admin to create a new collection for that specific case every time, as they cannot create new collections. If I want them to create collections themselves, I need to change the user types to Manager, but in that case, they receive FULL access inside collections assigned to them. Making a collection read-only for a manager doesn’t make sense, as a Manager can edit the collection and uncheck the Read-only checkbox (thus, every manager can easily delete a login shared with the whole organization in a Read-only collection, which is a little weird).

I don’t believe I’m the only one facing this issue, so I think I am missing something important with the permissions mechanism :slight_smile:

Is there a way for a user to have Read-only access to some collections while having permission to create a new collection?

We are facing the same problem.
Is there a solution?