Other user in organisation can not make me readonly on her collection as I am the original creator of the account?

I have a question with regards to collections.

I set up a Bitwarden family account and created an organization for my family. I invited my wife as a user to the organization. I also made here an “owner” in the organization, just like myself.
I then created a collection of passwords I wanted to share with my wife. I added her in there as a readonly user. I wanted her to be able to login to some of the accounts I created, but I did not want her to change the password on me.

Next she did the same. She created a collection for password she wanted to share with me. The problem is that I then was automatically added to this collection and she is not able to change my access to this collection. This I found quite strange. Within the family account I would assume she has the same level of access as me. Especially after I made her an owner of the organization. Am I doing something wrong here, or am I automatically added to her collection like this because I happened to be the one that created the Bitwarden account in the first place?

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

Hi @Gerard789 and welcome to the community,

Do you know what your current user’s access control is set to?
I suspect it is set to what I believe is the default for the original Owner/creator of the Org to be set to :radio_button: This user can access and modify all items.

Hi Kent,

Thanks for your reply. That was indeed it! So I have no changed access for myself to have only “readonly” on my wife’s collection.

I guess with us both being owner that means that we can both control the access rights of each other’s collection. That is a bit interesting, but I guess it may become complicated otherwise. With giving the person access to that login, you will often give them access anyway to change the password I suppose. Sharing is sharing obviously. You almost wonder why “readonly” is there.

But this query is solved. Thanks very much. I had not seen the “Access” part yet in Bitwarden.