Make auto-fill smarter


If auto-fill is enabled, it will blindly write into matching fields on a page. This includes fields that are already populated, which can cause serious problems.

As a web site administrator I can edit any user’s account. If I open the edit page for a user, auto-fill replaces the user’s email address with mine, and writes my password into the password-change fields. I will have opened the page to change something else, definitely not these fields. This means I cannot use the auto-fill feature at all, even though for most sites it’s very convenient.

Auto-fill should only ever fill empty fields, fields with content should be left alone. Furthermore, I would prefer that if any candidate field on a page is not empty, then none of the fields should be filled.

Another option could be borrowed from LastPass, which is to only auto-fill pages that are launched directly by BW. Having this as a user-selectable mode of operation would be very good.


I am having the same kind off issue, username and password fields are filled with my BW credentials for that site.


Bitwarden only auto-fills when you click the item in the browser extension?
Isn’t any further auto-fill (on page load, etc) actually a mechanism of the browser and not the Bitwarden plugin?
I have all my auto-fill settings in my browsers disabled. Nothing gets filled in unless I click the login item in the tab tab of the Bitwarden browser extension.


The current behavior is really bad actually. Bitwarden destructively and blindly overwrites fields such as, New Password, Old Password on several sites under account management.

Also, Bitwarden needs the option to enable/disable on a per site basis?



Bitwarden not behaving that way breaks the user experience and is never desirable. This should be a priority. I’d argue current behaviour can be described as a bug.


I would argue that it should use the autofill framework of the browser (desktop) where possible. Keepass can do it this way (keepass rpc).


Something may have changed here. I was using the Firefox extension yesterday to change a password, and copied the old password to the Notes section, then generated a new password and tried to get it to overwrite the old password. It gave me a big warning. If I could recall the exact keystrokes I’d tell you and we’d know if this covered the OP’s issue.