macOS Native Autofill

Is there an update on this? Given the updated macOS Sonoma with the built in OS autofill feature

Adding my +1 on this as well. I use Bitwarden everywhere and now with macOS Sonoma having the ability to turn any web page into a web app, OS level integration is required in order to access passwords inside a web app. Without Bitwarden support, web apps become useless and that’s a sad shame. We need the same level of integration on the Mac as we have on iOS and Bitwarden becomes a full solution. Please add this!

With the release of macOS Sonoma, any updates for this feature?

Strong Box base of KeePass Software, That`s Good, But I am Windows User, Using KeePassXC & Bitwarden to Save my Passwords.
KeePassXC Save my Self Hosted Services Applications Passwords, But Bitwarden Stil my Main Password Manager.

Adding a +1 here. Would welcome this feature.

I agree, I would love this ability in Brave web browser as well, its currently on Duckduckgo web browser on Mac OS as well within bitwarden vault its even an option to allow the integration but love to see this for other browser support.

here are some examples below

i vote for this too as this is the one huge difference in user experience with bitwarden, that makes it unpleasant to use compared with UX-centered apps like keypass and 1pass

Adding my +1 here as well. Would love autofill support for MacOS!

I give this a vote, too. This is an underrated feature in my opinion. I will definitely use it if it is there.

+1 that would be very convenient

+1 I also vote for this - I am very surprised that Bitwarden has still not implemented this. :cry:

I also would like to see this

I’m surprised to see that Bitwarden still lacks the “Autofill OS wide” feature for macOS (avalible from BigSur), especially since it’s already implemented for iOS. This feature, as seen in Apple’s Safari and other password managers like StrongBox or 1Password, significantly enhances user experience and security

I’m amazed this has not yet been implemented. Big Sur was released nearly 5 years ago, when will Bitwarden implement this feature?

Do you accept bounties for this feature? I would really love to see it implemented.

Hi @niklaas Welcome to the Bitwarden Community! Thanks for asking. At the moment, bounties are not a part of the roadmap and feature development. The team does pay attention to the feature requests and native autofill is under consideration.

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This feature would be immensely helpful, and would mean I could finally fully switch over to Bitwarden, rather than using it together with iCloud Keychain. I’m considering moving to 1Password for this - makes a huge difference to my desktop QoL.

This feature seems to be just almost same with iOS/iPadOS API. I’d love to see it is implemented, because it is the only problem i have on bitwarden comparing with 1password (which is not a free(as freedom) software.)

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Like the others already said, this is probably the most wanted missing feature and it would be a very much appreciated addition. Thanks in advance.

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This feature is already available on iOS, and I find it very useful and easy to use. It would be great if it was added to the desktop version.

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