macOS Native Autofill

+1 I thought this feature already existed, but it would be nice if it was added someday.

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It would be amazing if this could be added. I could not find any feature request on github.

+1 here. Have Bitwarden on iOS and macOS, on iOS the autofill works flawlessly. Would be awesome if it could work the same (or similar) on macOS

Another +1 here. I’m surpised this isn’t a feature yet.

Another +1 for this feature please :pray:

+1 I’d love this feature

Need this feature

I’m surprised that you don’t support this feature yet. It’s like a hole in Bitwarden ecosystem, please add!

+1 I just upgraded to Sonoma 14.1, and I’m very surprised I can’t have the Mac work like my iPhone and use Bitwarden natively.

+1 after years using iPad Pro and iPhone now come back to Mac and Bitwarden is only browser based and not system wide? Unbelievable

+1 please integrate, would make the Mac Bitwarden experience much more streamlined.

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+1 please implement this feature

It’s surprising that such a well-supported password manager overall, does not this currently include this capability.

I keep checking this thread from time to time, only to see that there’s still no news. Any chance somebody from the Bitwarden team can chime in regarding this request? Especially with passkeys coming to Bitwarden, using Bitwarden natively on Mac to manage passwords and passkeys seems like a no brainer.

(Dashlane installed for illustrative purposes only. Just wish I could see Bitwarden there as an option!)

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+1 absolute fan of bitwarden but this would be awesome feature

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I’m also waiting for this…

With the announced move away from Xamarin, does this mean we’ll finally get native integration on MacOS as well?

Bitwarden Announcement on YouTube

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Still didn’t understand when we’ll see new ios app and macos native integration


I’ve been delighted with the iOS/iPadOS integration - it’s one reason why I migrated to Bitwarden. I got my first MacOS device the other day and am appalled that there is no MacOS integration.


Yes please ! I’m was looking for a replacement for 1 Password that randomly stops working in my browser and this feature would have sold it for me.

+1 for native auto-fill on macOS. I use native app and frequently switch between browsers for work. I would love to streamline filling login credentials: for now I use Bitwarden extension for whichever browser I happen to be in. It works, but it’s a quite clunky process :smiley: