macOS Native Autofill

+1 I thought this feature already existed, but it would be nice if it was added someday.

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It would be amazing if this could be added. I could not find any feature request on github.

+1 here. Have Bitwarden on iOS and macOS, on iOS the autofill works flawlessly. Would be awesome if it could work the same (or similar) on macOS

Another +1 here. I’m surpised this isn’t a feature yet.

Another +1 for this feature please :pray:

+1 I’d love this feature

Need this feature

I’m surprised that you don’t support this feature yet. It’s like a hole in Bitwarden ecosystem, please add!

+1 I just upgraded to Sonoma 14.1, and I’m very surprised I can’t have the Mac work like my iPhone and use Bitwarden natively.

+1 after years using iPad Pro and iPhone now come back to Mac and Bitwarden is only browser based and not system wide? Unbelievable

+1 please integrate, would make the Mac Bitwarden experience much more streamlined.

+1 please implement this feature

It’s surprising that such a well-supported password manager overall, does not this currently include this capability.