macOS Native Autofill

Feature name

  • BigSur Autofill OS wide

With the release of MacOS Big Sur Apple now provides a fully integrated way to fill in your passwords on different sites and App, all inside that App or site.
Is this planned at all? This feature makes is so easy to use BitWarden inside safari.

Here is a link where StrongBox (KeePass client) has implemented this feature.


I would also like this feature!

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Looks interesting.

EDIT: Based on comments in Password Autofill extensions in Big Sur?, it sounds like this may be used for auto-type implementation (feature 158).

Sadly, I have a feeling that the size of Bitwarden’s customer base that are specifically “macOS + Big Sur + Safari” users isn’t big enough to prioritize this feature over other cross-platform feature requests like Overlay popup interface and Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps.

Probably need to hope that an external contributor would be interested enough to work on this and open a PR.

Competitors that support this appear to be Apple-first like:

  • Strongbox - only Apple devices (iOS + macOS)
  • 1Password (? EDIT: not too sure of status based on blog post) - originally only for Apple users before becoming cross-platform

Agree, this should be built in

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Agreed, this would make Bitwarden much more streamlined on macOS. It’s nice to see Apple provide such integration to third party devs.

Here’s Apple’s documentation:

Feature name

Native Integration with macOS AutoFill API

Feature function

  • Hook into native UI elements of macOS, with native support for TouchID and FaceID

  • QuickType autofill suggestions
  • System-wide autofill functionality for websites and apps.
  • No need for additional browser plug-in Safari on macOS
  • Code from iOS can be reused

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I would like to ask, is there any plan to implement this function?


It would be great if they could implement this, it works perfectly on the iPad. It is very annoying when I forget in the mac I have to open bitwarden and manually copy the username and pasword.

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Would love to have this. I use this on iOS with Bitwarden and love it. I believe this is the docs about how to implement it: Apple Developer Documentation

Any news regarding this request? Is it at least considered for a future release?

Besides Strongbox, it has also been implemented by Keepassium:

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Any updates on this?

Would also love to see this feature

Any official response from the Bitwarden Team please?

This is so badly needed…
I would also like some sort of context menu like this in Chrome - LastPass offers this.


Updating the feature request title for accuracy and further discussion.

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This is such an important feature for a password manager. It’s good that Apple supports 3rd party autofills. Any updates on this?


So is this feature being considered for implementation?

Dashlane, for example, already supports this macOS feature as well:

Dashlane, for example, already supports this feature of macOS:

Hey @tomillr thanks for checking in, the team is reviewing


Looking forward for native app as well as CLI auto fill.

Native autofill in Safari on macOS would be the one feature that would allow me to bring my less technically inclined family members to use Bitwarden instead of the Apple Keychain.