macOS Native Autofill

Came here to add my +1. Found out about this feature while diving down a 1Password rabbit hole — they don’t support the Orion browser I use, but they do support macOS’ native API, which means they actually support not just every browser but every app. This would be huge for BitWarden as it would completely obviate the need for browser plugins on macOS entirely; just the desktop app would cover every use case.

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Wait, does the native autofill also apply to desktop apps? That‘s cool.

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As I’m migrating from a Windows/Android environment to the Apple ecosystem, I found how wildly convenient it is having Bitwarden as the native password manager in iOS. Like at the system level, you’re able to swap out Apple Keychain for Bitwarden. I absolutely love this, for example, because I can go to a website and tap on a credential field and it automatically launches FaceID and fills in my credentials from Bitwarden. Similarly on my iPad, I just tap the fingerprint scanner and it autofills anything from Bitwarden.

As Apple IS this walled-garden ecosystem, I can’t overstate how big the void is, where I can’t make Bitwarden replace Keychain in MacOS. For me transitioning to Apple, it is like climbing a stairwell and one of the steps is missing. Please integrate this functionality soon!

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Voted too, was considering to switch to Keychain but would love to stay at Bitwarden

Yes, please. It would complete the entire loop. The only place where you can’t autofill yet is natively on macOS.