Password Autofill extensions in Big Sur?

I’m just wondering if this is possible given that there are some hints to this in the OS, but not much I can find online about this. See below

Feature name

  • System-wide autofill in macOS

Feature function

  • System-wide autofill in macOS
  • A tighter integration into everything people do

Related topics + references

We have this on our radar :slight_smile:

Hopefully, more applications and OS will adopt secure credential storage/access APIs so stuff like auto type will be easier and more secure!


Looks like Auto-fill ectensions are indeed supported as of Big Sur, just like they are on iOS.

Curious why I haven’t seen anyone else use this yet

It looks like Strongbox is using it, another password manager. I was testing it out last week and it works pretty well. Would love to see Bitwarden use this same integration. It is a nice feature for Mac users.

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Looks like the iOS app (when pulled in from a device) supports this. It won’t “enable” as it is not possible to enter the master password in the field that pops up.

All in all I think it would be a good idea to investigate whether it would make sense to properly port the iOS app to MacOS and offer it both “natively” and through catalyst, as there is a lot that can be reused from the iOS version. A few small bugs and it’s easily on par with the current electron x86_64 version.


Yep, similar functions across iOS + Big Sur in this regard. That’s how we would implement autotype on mac currently, at least as a first phase. It is in our backlog, though!

Just tried it out with Strongbox. It’s really nice. Not a must have - as you already have good browser integrations. But it’s useful it also works in non-browser apps.

Awesome to hear this feature is on the radar. Wondering if it’s moved further up the priority list since January? Asking in case Apple doesn’t make the necessary updates to make the Safari extension performant, per this thread. In that case, a macOS Password Autofill Extension would speed things up for Safari users.

With the release of MacOS Big Sur Apple now provides a fully integrated … System Preferences ‣ ExtensionsPassword AutoFill ‣ Strongbox.