Lost master password but iPhone face enabled eorks

Master password lost but can still access vault via iPhone facial recognition. Didn’t take basic precautions. Weird Azure synch wiped out my copy of the password.

No tragedy because these were mostly imported from LastPass which I do have access to.

Any suggestions?

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I don’t have an iphone so I could be wrong here, but I suspect you are able to unlock the vault using face recognition. If you were to log out, that wouldn’t work (unless you have face recognition set up to unlock the vault, which even if that is possible isn’t a good idea in my opinion).

As far as the master password, if you make it something that is meaningful to you (such as events from your childhood, favorite places, stuff like that, while avoiding things that are words), and then repetitively enter it until it becomes ingrained in your mind. That’s what I’ve found works well.

Wow, you are really lucky that you have your LastPass backup! This explains what to do if you have lost your master password:

Just curious, but what exactly do you mean?