Looking for solid guide to 2fa on mac AND iphone with same yubikeys. Thanks much! (paid user)

(I’ve googled for 6+ hours, and typed my 7/8 word passphrase way too many times, and I’m coming up empty. This is a fresh account since I’m getting specific. Thanks much for any help…)

TL;DR/Goal: I need a guide to setup bitwarden (paid) to work on iphone AND mac/pc. I’d like it to work just like autofill does on mac/iphone now, ie. when it is time to autofill a page you tap the fingerprint reader on the macbook air and it fills it in. Everytime. When it is time to fill in a password on iphone it does a face check. Everytime. I’d like to replace these checks with a yubikey tap.

mac problem: I can’t find a config where I need to u2f tap the yubikey everytime a password is looked-up/inserted. Is this not possible? Or how so?

iphone problem: Shows no interest in requiring a 2fa. Everytime I fill in a password it prompts me for my PIN… I want that PIN ask replaced with a key tap. The 2fa option on iphone → says go to web page → says u2f “works on these devices” and lists safari → the page doesn’t tell you what devices don’t work and/or how to set them up.

From the forums it looks like iphone bitwarden does not support u2f on iphone but plans to sometime? If this is the case is there a convenient way for the iphone to use TOPT with an NFC tap? (I don’t want this TOPT to become a “select alternate method” for the u2f devices.)

Lastly, I already have u2f for bitwarden on my mac… But my iphone still works without any 2fa. Bug? I would think an unsupported 2fa would mean you can’t log in… not that it would default to off.

Thanks, in advance, for any and all help.

(left out… I’m in the google advanced protection category. I’m technical but new to crypto and password managers.)

The 2FA portion for Bitwarden is only for logging in initially. Your Master Password, optional PIN, or Touch ID is used for unlocking your vault.

Almost the same for iPhone - if you set your vault to lock immediately, and have face ID/ touch ID/ PIN enabled, it will prompt for one of those to autofill. The yubikey is only for the initial login.

Hopefully, that helps!