No "Use another two-step login method" prompt on iPhone Bitwarden app

When starting Bitwarden on my iPhone, it prompts me for my master password and for my Yubikey FIDO U2F OTP (which I set up on my desktop). My Yubikey is a Standard model USB A (and no NFC) that I have had for many years (since maybe 2014), so that method won’t work on my iPhone.

I have set up a second method (email SMS) via the desktop, but the Bitwarden iPhone app does not offer me the option of an alternate 2FA method (no “Use another two-step login method” prompt).

I am hoping to eventually use a newer Yubikey for TOTP via NFC, but if the app doesn’t allow a second method, I don’t think that will work for me either.

So, for now I can only use Bitwarden on my desktop and not on my iPhone.


Hey there, you should be able to dismiss this one then I believe tap the top right corner for additional options, I just did this, this morning to choose an alternative method other than primary, as I updated my KDF settings :+1: let me know if that helps.

Yes! Thank you!