Login problems with Synology hosted BW since 2023 updates

Hi there, first of all let me clarify that I am not especially tech savvy but, as the owner of a Synology NAS, set up BitWarden about 18 months ago following some online tutorials and have been using it successfully across desktop apps on two Macs, plus as a Chrome extension acoss the same two machines, plus the iPhone app.

Until this year these were all working fine, but with the 2023 releases I’m no longer able to login, getting a variety of user name/password error messages or “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘iterations’)”. I’ve tried reinstalling with no success. The only thing that has worked for me is to uninstall the latest versions and install apps and extensions from mid 2022 which all now work fine and accept my login details without issue.

My server on my NAS is 2.17.1, and the versions I’m able to run successfully are 2022.5.0 (Mac desktop) and 2022.10.1.

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @scottynic and welcome to the community,

From your issues and based on my past experience it sounds like you may not be running the official Bitwarden server software, and instead may be running an official 3rd party service on your NAS.

There have been some known issues with Vaultwarden specifically, so I would recommend to check what you are running is what you intended, possibly check for any updates as needed (as I know there isn’t a version 2.17.1 of either Bitwarden or Vaultwarden) but if it was originally set up a year and a half ago and has never been updated you will want to keep any self-hosted software up to date in general where possible for compatibility and security.

For further help, if you are using a 3rd party software unfortunately the members here can only assist with official Bitwarden products, if you are running Vaultwarden it is best to reach out to the appropriate community for support.