No Browser plugin is working - user or password incorrect


I am running bitwarden server on my synology NAS. It is all working perfect, beside the login via browser plugins

  • Login via web vault: works

  • login via Iphone app: works

  • login via Ipad app: works

  • login via chrome plugin: user or password incorrect

  • login via edge plugin: user or password incorrect

  • login via firefox plugin: user or password incorrect

I made sure to use the correct name and password via copie and paste. I updated bitwarden server via docker to version 2.25.1 but it didnt fix the problem.

Any help for this?

Best regards,

Hey Roman, are you running the new Unified beta, or third party product? If the latter, you may want to seek out their support spaces for assistance.


Hi thanks for the quick reply. I am not running a beta version.

Thanks for confirmation, it sounds like you may be running Vaultwarden, and if so, you would probably want to connect with their community spaces.

I made Sure that the Server Adress is correct in settings. Using

when i copy the Adress to the Browser it is loading and i am able to login.

it worked for 2 years untill This week.

Vaultwarden does not seem to be compatible with the new BW clients. You need to reach out to their support, if any exists, as this is not a Bitwarden issue.

I got the solution. For anyone with same problems. I didn’t realize, that Bitwardenrs is not longer supported and vaultwarden is the way to go.

Just exported the settings from bitwarden rs. Opened the *.json file and changed the line
“image” : “bitwardenrs/server:latest”,
“image” : “vaultwarden/server:latest”,

imported than together with the vaultwarden image the vaultwarden container and got everything back and working. Now all plugins are working again.

You might also be interested in checking out the Bitwarden Unified beta, an alternative self hosting solution

Thanks for your solution. Additionally one has to change the following line in the *.json file:

“cmd” : “/bitwarden_rs”,
“cmd”: “/vaultwarden”,

otherwise the command will fail when the container is brought up.

@qurashee please keep in mind that support for unofficial third party tools is not available on the forums or by the Bitwarden team.