Little things I'd like to be fixed

  1. all uncategorized items are listed in a folder called “no folder”. I’d like that to be called “All”.

  2. when i create a new item, I’d like the ability to create an entirely customized item instead of choosing between a login, a card an identity and so on, so that I would only add the entries I want.

  3. when I insert a customized field I’d like the possibility to add another password, because for some entries I need more than one. If I add an “hidden” field, I cannot generate the password within it.

  4. The URL text is misspelled. It’s spelled URl

You should create a topic for each thing, so that people can vote separately :wink:

About URL vs URI, both are correct. URL means “Unified resource location”, whereas URI means “Unified resource identifier”.
You can check this answer on Stackoverflow about the matter, quoting the various related RFC