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I’m a happy new premium user :wink: and I found interest into storing more than password but also cards, identity…

I wish for those particular things it could be personalized to have specific forms. Like ie passport you have a bunch of information that you need to store if you want to take full advantage of Bitwarden later. For example storing issue date, expiring date…

Do you think it can be one thing done easily?

You can add custom fields to any of your entries; look to the botom of the window when editing the entry :slight_smile:

Each field can be given a name and a value of your choosing.

Thanks I saw it but you cannot re-use it later. What I mean is that : I add a text field with name “XYZ” plus a Boolean one named “Present” they will not remain if I create a new form.

Ah, so you’d like to be able to create a template for an entry, with fields of your choosing, correct?

I could see that being a useful feature if you want to store a lot of similar items:

  1. Set up a custom template; give it a name (say, ‘Passport’) and add all the fields you need for the template.
  2. Have the new ‘Passport’ template appear for you to pick when you add a new item to your vault.

Sound about right?

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:ok_hand: exactly

It’s a good idea. I’ll give that a vote :slight_smile:

I’ve only just taken an interest in the project, so I’m not familiar enough with the codebase to say how much effort it would be to implement.

I imagine it shouldn’t be insurmountable, though.

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