Better custom field editing on mobile

Currently there is no way to create custom fields for new login/notes, users should be able to create custom fields for new logins/notes on the mobile apps.

Login items with existing custom fields are limited in what users can edit. Currently, users can only edit the content of a custom field, but we cannot change the field title, or type (text,sensitive,boolean). We also cannot create new custom fields in existing items.

To edit an existing custom fields, the user needs to dig into the editing of a saved item. Select item > edit > custom field>make your edits>save (custom field) > save (edit item). That’s 6 taps just to edit one field. Users shouldn’t have to dig that much. As soon as I hit edit on a saved item, everything should be fully editable with no extra layers to dig through.

This is available in the next version.

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Also, please tag your requests in the future.

When is next release?

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Hi @kspearrin, is there a target release date for this next version?

Custom field editing has been available on mobile for quite a while now.