Let the user know he will be disappointed if he taps the button

Just the other day I was looking at this button that I have circled here.

I was feeling optimistic. I was feeling that if I touched this button perhaps Bitwarden would help me filling in the password.

Alas, it was not the case.

You see, if I was a savvy user, I would know what to expect in this particular situation.

I would know that if Bitwarden really had a password ready for this site then that thing that I circled would not look like it did.

Therefore, my feature request today, is for a Bitwarden to have a more forthcoming thing inside that circle.

Something that would tell the user, if he looked at it, that if you press this button, the only thing that it is good for is storing new details. Because there are no details about this site currently known.

“Link App to existing Item” in addition to “Add an Item” seems the more assistive approach.

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Hi @jidanni! This is the defaults set by iOS and Android so Bitwarden can’t make any changes here. Agreed that this would be useful if it would show there’s a matching login (similar to the browser extension). The team will continue to review if there’s any improvements to be leveraged from the mobile OS providers. Closing this for now.