Large Type Feature

I’m enjoying Bitwarden so far, but coming from 1Password, one feature I immediately miss is the large type view of a password. Large type lets you click or tap on a password field to get a full-screen rendering.

Scenarios where this is helpful is when entering passwords from a mobile device onto a computer for one-time use (say using the public library, friends computer, etc.). On the desktop app or browser extension, this is helpful when you are trying to enter your password on another device (mobile, television, etc) which may be some distance from your computer monitor.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate the feature in action:

If you’d like to see this feature added to Bitwarden, please take a moment and cast your vote.


I just created my account to request this very feature and coming from 1P is the one I miss the most. It’s really usefull you guys! Please take this into account.

On mobile the way the password is displayed on BW is better since i can see the entire password, still a larger view would be highly appreciated. But on web and desktop, man is complicated to be scrolling to the right to see the entire password, for instance to copy the password on a VM where copy/paste is not working. Or the use cases Alberto exposed.
Please review it, im kinda shocked this is not a popular feature when its so useful!

I absolutely want this feature. It is the only reason I still use 1Password. The large font display is unique to 1Password as far as I can tell, and it is so needed for people like myself with eyes that are not so young anymore.

Yes… and I particularly like the numbered placeholders for each character. Useful for picking, say, the third and eighth characters in a password, as some security questions have asked for.