Password Size Font and Color

Hi, I switched from 1Password to Bitwarden and are fine with Bitwarden so far.
Except one thing, and this is how passwords are displayed.

I use Windows as Desktop OS and iOS mobile devices. The color coding for Passwords only works in the Bitwarden Windows Desktop Client and the browser extensions. It does not work in the web vault and in the iOS apps. And it does not work for any field defined as hidden.

Font size is IMHO to small in general, but especially in the Iphone App. As the color coding does not work in iOS, this makes it very hard to read the passwords.

Font type on all platforms I use is IMHO also not a good choice, because in combination with the small size and the not working color coding on mobile devices, it is hard to read them.

1Password and Lastpass for example use a Courier-type font to show passwords and have an option to show them with a big font size in an overlay window (even on iOS), which makes it very easy to read them. And the color coding is working on all platforms and also in the web version.

Can’t tell you how much easier it would be if we (BW users) had the large font and the Courier font options when looking at passwords in BW (basically, copy it from 1password, pls)

Thank you very much!!