Keyboard shortcuts to autofill Identity or Card information

Allow the auto-fill of an identity or credit card even if the identities or cards are not displayed on the “current tab” page.

Or use the identity as a folder too where all of the data that has x username is put into x.user.identity

What I am requesting is:
When you right click and navigate to autofill could we have the logins, Passwords, and Identities sections like how it is when you click on the extension?

Currently if you want to autofill identity or card info into a page you have to click on the extension.
This is tedious when compared to competitors that often have an overlay that you can just click on to autofill info. I understand there is already another very popular feature request to have that type of overlay functionality implemented. ( While I would very much like that to be the case as well. My thought is that is easier and more intuitive to autofill from the right click menu than from the extension icon; and considering you already have the autofill and right click menus implemented perhaps it would be easy to combine the two?


We currently have only a shortcut to fill in a password. It would be great to have a feature to fill in a latest used identity too as well as card details. I use these a lot.

For identities, it could be cmd+shift+a ( as Address, because cmd+shift+i is used for mail client by default )
For cards, it could be cmd+shift+k ( as c is used to copy things )

Though default shortcuts does not matter much, because chrome allows to remap then easily.

I agree, I would also like to see form fill added to the right click menu for quicker access. It would be nice to see Form Fill between Auto-Fill and Copy Username, or somewhere in that context menu.

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Thank you for your post!

Feature name

  • Keyboard shortcuts for autofill default Identity

Feature function

  • I miss being able to set a keyboard shortcut to autofill the default Identity data. I migrated from LastPass and am not missing any other features except this one. I’m using Chrome (well Brave actually) but there is no keyboard shortcut for filling a default (or most recently used) Identity.
  • I did search the forum and the GH repo in case this has already been asked for.

I often used LastPass to Auto-Fill my identity credentials when signing up for new sites or filling forms. I know I can click the BW icon and access the identities, but there is no easy Auto-Fill functionality.

When you click the BW icon there is no Auto-Fill button option for each identity (like there is for logins), you have to click the identity and then scroll down to get to the Auto-Fill function.

The right click context menu also does not have the ability to Auto-Fill Identities.

And of course, if the field auto-fill overlay button is added, that should have identities as well.

To beat a dead horse, LastPass lists Logins first and then the Identities in all cases. Its super convenient.

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I posted my feature request separately and it was erroneously merged by an admin with this related but different feature request. If anything, they should have merged this one with mine as it was more general and inclusive.

@toons Not erroneous, I promise. I merged a few threads - overall we need to implement a way to autofill these items in general, along with a corresponding shortcut for a default identity.

Just trying to keep things tidy. We read the whole thread when we evaluate features.

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Feature name

  • Default Identity/Card fill shortcuts

Feature function

  • After configuring a default identity entry and/or card entry, a shortcut would fill the recognized fields on the current website.
  • Right now the only way to fill in a card or identity is to open the extension and click on the identity / card. Usually people have a regular/default identity/card that they often use. It would help a lot to be able to just hit a shortcut like ctrl-shift-; and ctrl-shift-’ and quickly fill in those fields.

Related topics + references

  • Shamelessly, this is a feature that is available in LastPass that I miss having.

Definitely miss that feature from LP also. Not to hijack this post but it’s kind of related. Want to add if possible, hitting the keyboard shortcut multiple times or maybe assign a different shortcut to cycle through multiple addresses.

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I also need this feature because I use Firefox private browsing so Autofill Cards & Identities can’t be done unless I switch to a normal window or use a different browser.

It would be good to at least have the option to fill the default identity with a keyboard shortcut. But that does not work! :frowning:

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Please autofill online forms from Identities. At present this can only be achieved by laboriously copying and pasting each field.

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Have you tried just clicking on the identity you want to be autofilled? I’ve used this feature a number of times. Same with saved credit cards. Obviously, it depends on the particular website as they may have coded their form with unusual form field names, which makes it difficult to autofill.

Thanks Dan. I have tried that and sometimes it fills in some fields and sometimes none. The only consistent feature I’ve found is that it never completes custom fields - date of birth in my case. Should this be a standard field? I’m a recent convert from Roboform which fills in forms perfectly. However Bitwarden is superior to Roboform in all other areas.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever tried autofilling date of birth, though I do have it saved as a custom field. If you have a particular site you’d like it to autofill, view the source of the web page and see what they’ve named the field. Giving the custom field that name usually helps with the autofill.

When I complete my address and contact details on websites, it usually works OK. There is sometimes the odd field that doesn’t fill properly. When I’ve checked these, those particular fields have unusual names in the HTML.

I’d be interested to see how Roboform is doing it as they must also be relying on being able to identify the various fields on forms.

I would like a way to conveniently autofill identity and card information, more conveniently than is currently available, preferably something similar to the shift-ctrl-L keyboard shortcut used to autofill login credentials. As with logins, repeatedly pressing the keyboard shortcut should cycle between available identities and cards.

Besides a keyboard shortcut, here are some other suggestions:

Provide a mechanism to expose only “favorite” identities and/or cards on the Tab tab of the extension. I have numerous cards and numerous identities stored in Bitwarden since I use it as a centralized storage for all of my secrets and vital information for my entire family, but only a few of either are likely to be frequently used in autofilling forms in the browser. As it stands now, using the “Don’t Show Cards/Identities on Tab Page” options either shows none of them on that page or all of them; I’d rather have a way to show only the few I’m going to use often. I can mark them as favorites, but that doesn’t put them on the Tab page, rather it puts them on the Vault page, which is significantly less convenient to autofilling - it takes multiple clicks (Extension → My Vault → item → scroll down → Autofill) and there’s not a good way to do it using only the keyboard.

Assuming that you create a keyboard shortcut for autofilling cards and identities, marking cards and identities as “Favorites” should make them eligible for cycling, and the other non-Favorite cards and identities should not be presented as choices when using the keyboard shortcut. If none are Favorited, then all should be available; if some are Favorited, then only the Favorites should be available. All should still be available via My Vault, of course, so that they can still be accessed when they’re needed, albeit less quickly.

If the limited selection of Favorite cards and identities were presented on the Tab tab, then there would still be a reasonably convenient keyboard-only selection method even without a dedicated shortcut: shift-ctrl-Y to activate the extension, then Tab to cycle through the UI elements until you reach the desired card or identity, then Enter to autofill the selected item.


I agree. In addition to the LOGINS, I need to be able to select CARDS and IDENTITIES from the right-click context menu. I don’t know how that would be any less secure than having these options available on the Current (tab) of the Bit Warden browser extension. And in addition to the Ctrl-Shift-L keyboard shortcut for LOGINS, it would also be very helpful to have a keyboard shortcuts for CARDS and IDENTITIES respectively. Please consider adding this functionality to Bit Warden.


Since no one responded to my question about how to use a keyboard shortcut for autofilling card information, I assume this functionality is not available.

Since the Ctrl-Shift-L keyboard shortcut works well for autofilling login information, why not also implement a hotkey for triggering autofill of card information (and perhaps also a different hotkey for autofilling identities)? As with the login hotkey, repeated use of the key would cycle through the available cards (or perhaps some additional features could be implemented to facilitate autofill when a large number of cards are available).

Autofill on page load should also be considered. Perhaps a list of URIs for which autofill would be triggered (and/or prevented) could be part of the configuration of each card item.

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